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Speed Map Editor

The map editor program is finally completed. I can start making maps for my racing game now. Game objects such as cars, roads and trees can be added with mouse or keyboard. When you are done with adding objects, you can save your map by pressing F5 key. The map will save to JSON file. If you want to edit it any time later, you can load your map by pressing F6 key.


SHA-1 Encryption Test (Video)

Encrypting passwords to SHA-1.


Speed (Game Engine Prototype)

I am working on my new game engine that will make game development much faster and better than before. The game engine is named "Speed" and it is cross-platform for desktop and Android devices. The solution consists of four projects: core - main project, Android, desktop and map editor. Game data files such as images, music, sounds and maps are put into Android "assets" shared folder which can be accessed by both Android and desktop platform. Maps are saved to JSON file format. Map contains object array with elements that have its id, x and y location. That objects are saved and loaded using map editor project. GUI has seven main screens: title screen, options screen, game screen, quit game screen, hiscore screen, score preview screen and info screen. Title screen displays buttons for starting game, options, hiscore, info and quitting game. Options screen contains buttons for turning audio on and off, adjusting volume and setting touch controls visibility. If touch controls are hidden, you can use keyboard to play the game. Keyboard controls are tested on both Android and desktop devices. Game screen has player control buttons. If you press "back" or "escape" key, the quit screen will appear. It shows quitting confirmation buttons "yes" and "no". HiScore screen shows list of top players. "No data" message will be shown if there is no saved data. The data can be listed using buttons and it is sorted in SQL database. SQL database is encrypted using SHA1 type encryption. Score preview screen displays information such as place, player name, score and date for selected player on the HiScore screen. The best thing of all is that, as mentioned before, I will be making two game versions at once.


Ranbo Demo (Gameplay Video)


Ranbo Demo

The first demo version of the game is finally available for download. Save the scientists and destroy all the enemies on your way!



Rječnik (ASP.NET C#)

Informacioni sistem rječnika. Aplikacija može sadržavati više jezika. Baza podataka sadrži osam tabela: autori, jezici, korisnici, opisi riječi, riječi, rječnici, vrste korisnika i vrste riječi. Riječi se pretražuju na stranici za pretragu pomoću tražilice. Samo prijavljeni korisnici koji imaju ovlasti mogu evidentirati sadržaj rječnika. Definisane su dvije vrste korisnika: Administrator i editor.


Prodavnica (ASP.NET C#)

Informacioni sistem prodavnice rađen u C# programskom jeziku. SQL baza podataka sadrži 12 tabela: adrese, artikli, banke, gradovi, kantoni, korisnici, kupci, načini plaćanja, prodaje, skladišta, vrste artikala i vrste korisnika. Definisane su dvije vrste korisnika: administrator i prodavač. Pristup podacima je zaštićen lozinkom i ovlastima korisnika.


Biblioteka (ASP.NET C#)

Informacioni sistem biblioteke rađen u C# programskom jeziku pomoću Visual Studio 2017.


Putni Nalozi (ASP.NET C#)

ASP.NET C# verzija informacionog sistema "Putni Nalozi" realizovana pomoću MVC pattern-a. Projekat je rađen korištenjem Visual Studio 2017 razvojnog okruženja.


Putni Nalozi (PHP + Android)

Informacioni sistem za evidenciju putnih naloga rađen u PHP-u i Java programskom jeziku.

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